Most Wonderful Pottery

About Pottery


Pottery was made in early Neolithic farm vilages for cooking and storage. Serving one of man's most basic needs, it also became, over the centuries, one of his most highly developed art forms.
Because fired ( baked ) clay is remarkably resistant to weathering, clay artifacts are among the oldest reminders we have of man's skills. Fine pottery enclosed in tombs and broken bits thrown on rubbish heaps have helped archaeologists trace the growth of ancient societies. The pottery of all periods reflects religious and aesthetic traditions and reveals the course of trade, diplomacy, and war.

Pottery, in the broad sense, consists of objects formed from plastic clay and fired for durability. It includes vessels, sculpture, brick, and tile made stoneware or porcelain, all covered under the traditional term " ceramics " . It does not include such products of modern industrial ceramics as high fired clay structural materials or objects of glass, enamel, cement, or plaster. In the strict sense, " pottery " refers only to vessels of earthenware.

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