Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Counselors administer tests of intelligence, atitudes, interests, and personality to serve as bases for guidance and counseling.
Approximately ten percent of all members of the American Psychological Association are employed in this prominent applied field. Althought the counseling psychologist's work is like the clinician's in many respects, the counselor generally works with clients not suffering from severe emotional disturbances, but who are in need of help in making decisions about vocational and educational goals, social adjustment, or baffling problems. Guidance counselors working in educational settings help students in selecting study programs and careers, while familly counselors attempt to help in resolving conflicts between husbands and wives or between parents and children.
The number of counseling psychologist has increased substantially in response to the needs of hight school, college, and university students for their services. A master's degree is generally required for employment as a counseling psychologist, and many counselors hld Ph. D. Degrees.

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