About Jewelry

What is Jewelry

Welcome to HealthEduPro. Jewelry or " Jewellery ( american ) " is a form of personal adornment, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, gems, pearls, gold, brooches, etc. Jewellery normally differs from other items of personal adornment in that it has no other purpose than to look appealing.
Jewellery may be made from a wide range of materials, but gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells have been widely used. Jewellery, gemstones, coins, or other precious items are often used, and they are typically set into precious metals. Alloys of nearly every metal known have been encountered in jewellery. Bronze beads and shells, for example, was common in Roman times. Modern fine jewellery usually includes gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium, or palladium. Most American and European gold jewellery is made of an alloy of gold, the purity of which is stated in karats, indicated by a number followed by the letter ( K ).
American gold jewellery must be of at least 10K purity ( 41.7 per cent pure gold), (though in the UK the number is 9K ( 37.5 per cent pure gold) and is typically found up to 18K (75 per cent pure gold). Higher purity levels are less common with alloys at 22 K (91.6 per cent pure gold), and 24 K (99.9 per cent pure gold) being considered too soft for jewellery use in America and Europe. These high purity alloys, however, are widely used across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Platinum alloys range from 900 (90 per cent pure) to 950 (95.0 per cent pure). The silver used in jewellery is usually sterling silver, or 92.5 per cent fine silver. In costume jewellery, stainless steel findings are sometimes used.

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