Physical Education

Executive summary by Health Edupro ( Health Education and Property ) Your live it so delightfull with good health and fitness throughout life.
Physical education is instruction about the physical structure & development of the body, its physiological and mechanical functions, and its most effective use. This process begins when the young child learns basic movement patterns that provide simulation to physical development. It continues in later childhood with the development of more complex movement patterns that lead to the acquisition of athletic skills. And the final phase of this process involves instruction in positive habits that will help to maintain an optimum level of activity that is conducive to good health and fitness throughout life.
To achieve this goal, it is necessary to maintain the level of physical activity appropriate to the individual. To find this level, it is important to understand one's physical self, to be informed about the relationship of physical activity to health, and then to apply this knowledge in creating a life style that will provide an optimum quality of life.

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