New Cases and Deaths Caused by Breast Cancer

Breast cancer
New cases and death caused by breast cancer.
Currently in London the number of cancer patients who were diagnosed increased to 50,000 people each year, the number of women who die an average of 12,000 per year and 80% of women diagnosed of breast cancer is predicted only able to survive for five years.
Breast cancer is a type of cancer that is most feared by all women in the world, a cancer that generally affects women who are quite deadly. A surprising fact, this type of cancer not only affects women, but men, found at least 1 in 100 cases. New cases and deaths caused by breast cancer in the United States in this years is estimated to reach more than 200,000 people, the following details: New cases: more than 232 670 ( women ), and more than 2360 ( Men ). Deaths: more than 40,000 (female), and more than 430 ( male ). To review the ins and outs of breast cancer start of traits, signs, causes, external factors, food to medicine, treatment, and herbs that can be used as a preventive or as a solution is very important to be in the know.
what causes breast cancer ?
Causes of breast cancer can vary, but most often occurs due to diet and lifestyle. Based on breast cancer research conducted so far mention the dominant factors that cause breast cancer, such as :
  1. Age : the highest number of breast cancer patients are in the age range 40-60.
  2. Gen : There are two genes that cause breast cancer risk, namely BRCA1 and BRCA2, two genes are potentially affected by breast cancer. Reports from Harvard Scool of Public Health states that there is a significant increase in breast cancer in users of estrogen replacement therapy.
  3. Personal factors : the symptoms of breast cancer can also occur in women who menstruate under age 12 or menopause that after the age of 55 years.
Other causes of a person exposed to the risk of breast cancer are obesity, consumption of various types of pills, drinking alcohol and not breastfeeding. In addition to food and lifestyle factors, another factor to watch is the genetic factor. A woman with a history of cancer in her family, such as the biological mother, should also be alert to himself exposed to the risk of breast cancer. Reported at wikimedia, genetic factors in question is a process of mutation of several genes that play a role in the formation of breast cancer cells that are oncogenes. This inherited genetic factors parents with breast cancer in children.
Type of breast cancer vary, there can be healed some of them, including the type of cancer is very dangerous. Ductal breast cancer types Inviltrating Karsoma for example, this type of cancer can spread to other parts of the body organs. Inviltarting type of breast cancer known as Ductal Karsoma with Invasive name. As experienced Abbey (healthy movement activists penderitan breast cancer) breast cancer who experienced invade other organs such as the brain, liver, spleen, and esophagus.
Direct effects caused by breast cancer patients can be physically debilitating and physical changes in the body. One is the acceleration of hair loss and menopause. Hair loss is caused by chemotherapy, hair loss in addition to chemotherapy also make the body sufferers often experience pain.
To be Continued , next time i will create post about, Effect of breast cancer before and after treatment / therapy, Type of Breast Cancer, cost incurred for the operation and maintenance, When should Surgery Breast Cancer, Etc.

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