First Sign and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Presumtive & prodable sign are normally associated with pregnancy but sometimes are caused by other factors. The likelihood that a woman is pregnant is greatly increased by the occurrence of several signs together. In certain rare cases a woman may be convinced that she is pregnant and show many signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant.

Sign and Symptoms of Pregnancy

The signs of pregnancy are classified into three groups.
  • Positive " nearly certain ".
  • Prodable, and
  • Presumtive " giving the least assurance ",

Prodable Signs.
The earliest possible confirmation of suspected pregnancy is provided by a laboratory test such as pregnosticon or gravidex. These tests are over 90% accurate overall during the firs trimester, with increasing reliability after 36 days after the firs day of the last period.

However, they are not absolutely certain, especially in late pregnancy.
Other probable signs of pregnancy include an enlarged uterus occuring together with missed periods, and painless contractions of the uterus.
Positive Signs
Sometime between the 10th and 20th week, a woman's doctor can usually say with certainty that she is pregnant. Any of the following sign are conclusive, since they occur only when a woman is pregnants.

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