Fields Of Basic Psychology

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Experimental psychology. The hallmark of this area is the controlled laboratory experiment with very precise method of measurement. The basic problem investigated by experimental psychollogists are in the areas of sensation and peception, learning and memory, and psysiological psychology. Such problems include how environmental stimuli are experienced and interpreted, how we learn and remember, the nature and determinants of motivation, and the influences of hormones and nerve functioning on behavior. Specialists in other areas of phychology, such as developmental, social, and personality psychology, also use experimental methods.

Sensation and perception.
Sensation and perception were the predominant interest of century psychologists, and they continue to be of major importance. The central problems in sensation are the subjects capacities to receive and discriminate stimuli, as well as the reactions to the qualities intensity, extensity, and duration of sensory stimuli. The study of perception is concerned with how the vast number and variety of sensations or bits of information acquired through sense receptors are processed, organized, and interpreted to yield meaningful peceptions. For example, the retina receives only patterns of light rays, lines, and dots ; yet we recognize people and objects very easily through these patterns. Thus, the perception psychologist studies world and our perceptions of it.

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