Costs Breast Cancer Surgery

How much, cost incurred for the operation and treatment of breast cancer ?
When is the Best Time for Breast Cancer Surgery?
When it should be, to do Breast Cancer Surgery?
To answer this question, a patient needs further to consult with Specialist Surgery first. After examination and consultation with a physician, described the type of breast cancer patients, and handling what will be done.
Calculation of the cost of treatment before surgery, during surgery until after the surgery needs to be taken into account. The calculation of this expenditure is important to maximize the medical expenses are targeted and efficient for penderitan cure breast cancer. A woman who has been married for example, can work together with her husband to think of a way out of the treatment costs or involve large family. For example, perform the division posts a payment / financial assistance from personal and family money. For example, for the cost of treatment before the operation and implementation of the operation can use private funds first, after the surgery / treatment using the funds. The role of husband and family are very important in supporting the healing process of patients with breast cancer. Patients Breast Cancer are also advised to collecting data before performing the operation. Data collected as referral hospitals and doctors who will handle your illness. Treating breast cancer is not the same as the treatment of other diseases that can come and go after the surgery.
Beforehand you need to know is the type of breast cancer patients who experienced and type of operations performed according the patient's illness. Here are the types of breast cancer surgery can be a reference of patients :
  • Breast Conservation Surgery
    At this stage, surgery and part of the breast will be lifted, lifted a large part depends on the size and place of the tumor to grow. In the breast-conserving surgery are two types namely Lumpectomy and mastectomy surgery. Lumpectomy is the surgical removal of the lump and some normal tissue around it. While Mastectomy is surgery that removes more tissue in the breast cancer, not as much as Lumpectomy surgery.
  • Total or Simple Mastectomy
    In this surgery the doctor will perform the whole breast removal but do not lift the lymph nodes.
  • Radical Mastectomy
    This operation removes the entire breast, lymph nodes under the armpit and the muscle wall of the lower part of the breast.
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy
    The operation is carried out by lifting the entire breast and some lymph nodes under the armpit.
The healing process of breast cancer is a long-term process through three phases ( pre-surgery post-surgery ) that requires doctors who are competent in dealing with your illness. Long process through which cancer patients require a person to seek the information amount of the cost of treatment. Before looking for funding for the cost of breast cancer treatment which will certainly deplete your savings, you should do the management expenses of treatment as follows :
  • Cost to visits the Specialist Doctor. Patients need to calculate the cost of consulting a specialist, for example, schedule a consultation carried out 3 times in a month / fee per consultation.
  • Laboratory tests. The laboratory tests such as blood sampling fee for checking a patient's illness.
  • The cost of the procedure ( rental space maintenance and diagnosis ). The cost of this diagnosis is set by the cost of laboratory blood tests and will usually require inpatient room for several days.
  • Imaging tests such as x-rays and CT-scans, CT scans performed by the patient's vital medical records as evidence of disease present in the patient's body.
  • Treatment with radiation ( Radiation Treatments ).
  • The cost of drug purchases. Purchasing drugs will be costly, because these drugs work to prevent the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. A special fund for the purchase of drugs needs to be planned and prepared specifically.
  • Hospitals, kind and credibility of hospital services need dipertimbakan patient that the treatment is more effective and efficient.
  • Home care, nursing home care is usually done after surgery, lease costs are taken into account is the nurse to patient. Nurse must be on a referral hospital and is responsible directly to the patient's treating physician.

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