Renovation Appearance with Plastic Surgery in Korea

What Do's & Don't Before Renovation appearance with plastic surgery in Korea

Before you must read : What is Plastic Surgery Here

Plastic surgery is becoming one of the beauty procedure that has gained a lot done in South Korea. This is evidenced by the presence of a variety of beauty clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgery with natural results without leaving a scar. Plus the duration of the operation that does not take long and relatively rapid recovery process more enticing foreign tourists flocked to Korea to enjoy this instant treatment.
Although different cultures and languages, this does not make a barrier for them because they are now facilitated by the presence of beauty travel agent that helps patients deal with all requirement to undergo surgery in Korea. If you are interested in plastic surgery at Korea, you should consider a few things that can expedite the process operations.
  1. Do not Drink Drugs
    avoid medications that can thin the blood and pain relievers such as aspirin. In addition, taking vitamin E is also not allowed because at the time of surgery, blood will flow out more. He also advised to stop taking these medications at least a week before surgery.
  2. Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes
    In addition to drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol are also not allowed. "Do not drink alcohol and smoke had a minimum day before surgery. For later be narrowed blood vessels and healing after the operation so much longer.
  3. Do not Wear Nail Polish
    Although seem trivial and not noticed, apparently nail polish should also not be used because it would interfere with the detection of the heart rate. it never happens to plastic surgery patients from America, Europe, Australia, the UK, Brazil, Hollywood stars Before surgery, the patient forgot to remove nail polish gel that can not be removed with regular nail polish so that the patient is suspended operations until the gel nail polish finally successfully removed.
  4. Fasting
    Proper procedures in general surgery, plastic surgery patients are also required to fast for 7 to 8 hours before surgery. This is done to expedite the process of general anesthesia during surgery to stretch all the muscles, including the muscles of the stomach to the esophagus limit.
  5. Health Test
    before major surgery such as surgery or a facelift jaw bone cutting (withdrawal of the face and neck skin to be more toned-ed), the patient will do blood tests, X-Ray & ECG (heart examination) before surgery.
"For patients who have a history of certain diseases, doctors there usually ask for the results of the most recent blood test before going to Korea, so they know the condition of the patient whether it is appropriate for surgery" Thank's for visit Health EduPro

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