plastic surgery process

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Today i want to write About Plastic Surgery and Technique Used In Plastic Surgery.
What is Plastic Surgery ? Plastic Surgery Process ? Plastic Surgery Fail ? Plastic Surgery korea ? Plastic Surgery Before & After
Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty principally concerned with the reconstruction and and repair of certain congenital and acquired deformities. It employs techniques for carefully handling tissue, preserving blood supply, minimizing scar tissue, and providing improved form and function.
Though many people think of plastic surgery as aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, only a third of the surgery done by plastic surgeons is for beautification.

Techniques Used In Plastic Surgery

- Tissue Transplantation.
Tissue transplantation is a vital part of plastic surgery. Long term survival of transplanted tissue is successful only when it is transferred from one place to another in the same person or when it is transferred between genetically identical individuals, such as identical twins.

- Aesthetic Surgery.
Cosmetic or aesthetic, surgery, is performed to achieve a "normal" appearance when there is no potential jeopardy to the physical or mental health of the patient.

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