Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera

The Low-light / Street / Video Beast

This is a Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera
. One small step for man, one giant leap for cameras. The Sony A7s Camera offers so much, that it is probably the favorite camera.

Reviews :

  • In reality, 12MP is more than 99.8% of us will ever need. ad I can make beautiful 20X30 prints from an A7s file. just as I used to do with my 4MP Nikon D2hs. Huge MP is NOT needed for large prints! Now if you want to shoot massively detailed landscapes, go for medium format as that will deliver what you need more than any 35mm based camera. For everything else, the A7s is plenty.

  • AF Speed. This is faster to Af than the A7 and A7s, no question.

  • Amazing video capabilities even at ISO 102,000.

  • I am NOT talking high ISO here, I am talking Auto Focus ability. This camera has an uncanny ability to focus in pitch blackness, even without the AF assist light. You will never be in a situation where the A7s cannot focus.

  • there is NOTHING that can touch this fro high ISO use. I have decided that I can now go up to ISO 102,000 and have a usable image. Color stays, DR stays. Amazing. ISO 6400 is like many cameras at ISO 400. This opens up all kinds of creative possibilities and things no one has ever been able to do before. It is significant just for that reason alone.

  • This camera is much quieter than the Sony A7 Camera and Sony a7R Camera and can even be shot in SILENCE. As in ZERO noise. I shot a scene at ISO 80k in a dark room. No one knew I took the shot and it was quiet in a room that echoed severely. No one would have believed me if I told them I took a shot as it was seemingly impossible to do without a flash.

  • The A7 and A7r and even the Leica M itself has issues with some wide angle M mount lenses (the M 240 has issues with 3rd party wides) that create colored edges and unusable color images. The A7s is the 1st full frame digital that can use a lens like the 15 Voigtlander without any real issues, IN COLOR! This is huge for those with Leica M glass. Huge. I use the 15, 35 1.2 and others and they look beautiful, in some cases beating what comes from the M240 in good light. Low light? The Leica can not compete with the A7s.

  • the A7s is way more useful than the A7 or A7r for my tastes. Resolution, again, 12MP is plenty for any web use and any print size 99.9% of us will print. If you are a person who is into photography and NOT pixel peeping you will adore this camera without question. It opens up all kinds of possibilities that were never there before. Slap on a 50 0.95 from Mitakon or even Leica and your world will be rocked.

Product Description :

  • Screen Size: 3"

  • Screen Features: Tiltable TFT-LCD with 921K dots

  • Image Resolution: 4240 x 2832

  • Easily share photos and videos with friends and relatives using this Sony a7S DSLR camera that features built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (near-field communication) technology for simple wireless pairing with select smartphones and tablets.

  • Compatibility with lenses other than Sony E-mount requires optional adaptors. Function is not guaranteed and may vary by adaptor.

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