Review Sony Alpha a7s II Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha a7s 2 Mirrorless Digital Camera is the best camera i have ever owned

Excellent camera, up-to-date technically speaking. the almost perfect camera. Got it for my son who was going to Iceland. Had an a7 but was having a usb problem that turned out to be a cable problem. The a7s11 is a much nicer camera.

Reviews :

  • The Sony A7II is here and I have had one for about a week before they were released and shipped. I have been using it every day and run a large camera review website where I use ALL cameras made but review only what I like and would use or recommend. I have noticed a couple of reviews here with mis information so decided to write up a short review before my huge full review on my website.

  • the A7II is built to just about pro level specs. The camera is a huge step up in build from the A7, A7R and A7s. It feels solid and hefty, much like a Leica M 240 with a grip and while the grip makes it larger than the previous A7, it is in no way as large as any Nikon DSLR. It is also smaller than the Nikon Df (as well as better with IQ).

  • The IQ has been improved even though it uses the same A7 sensor. There is much better AWB, Color, pop and overall quality to the files that is just about the best I have ever tested for real work photos. The camera is about 30% faster than the A7 with Af but is a little slower than my A7s. But focus is not an issue.

  • What makes this camera special is the fact that it is a full frame camera that is just about near Pro Level build and feel, has 5- Axis Image Stabilization which NO OTHER full frame camera has, and it is the best IS you can get. It works with EVERY lens, EVERY lens and is groundbreaking. It will also give you 3 Axis IS with Leica lenses or any adapted lens.

  • The buttons feel fantastic, the dials feel fantastic and compared to my A7s, it feels MUCH MUCH better, in another league better.

  • The images I have been getting with the A7II beat out my A7, A7r and A7s images when it comes to color, sharpness, micro contrast and overall image quality. It's the best of the A7 lot for all out IQ though the A7s beats it in low light. This will not do what the A7s can do in low light or high ISO.

  • With those points out of the way, this camera with the Sony/Zeiss 35 2.8 and 55 1.8 is phenomenal. Those two lenses are must owns but I would skip the kit zoom as it is large, soft and will not show what the camera can do. Why Sony includes it is beyond me as it cripples the cameras output.

  • At $1698 this is the deal of the century as you are getting a camera just as capable as some $3000+ cameras all in a well made camera with loads of lenses to mount. Sony/Zess, Leica, Zeiss ZM, Voigtlander, Nikon and Canon..all of these lenses can be mounted with the correct adapter. I use Leica lenses and for me, 35mm and up are better on the A7II than my Leica M 240.

  • This camera is for those who value IQ, great build, fast speed, the best IS you can get, the ability to mount ANY lens you want and superb manual focus capabilities. The EVF is a joy to use and quite large and the only thing I can say negative about this camera is that its AF is not blazing for continuous or sports but it has improved greatly, and its focus accuracy is SPOT ON.

  • this beats my Leica M 240, my Olympus E-M1, ANY Fuji on the market and even my A7s for all out IQ (though not low light). This and the A7s has become my main cameras and I bought my own A7II just hours after getting my review sample. It is that good.

  • This camera is smaller than ANY DSLR made, and much thinner. Smaller than the Nikon Df, D750, yet more capable and versatile. The video is some of the best you can get as well and with the 5 Axis IS, video footage is almost "steady shot like" - awesome.

Product Description :

  • World's first 5-axis in-body image stabilization in a full-frame camera.

  • Use your favorite lenses without blur from camera shake.

  • Capture stunning images with full-frame, 24.3MP resolution.

  • Fast hybrid AF with phase-detection - 30% faster than a7.

  • Compatible with Sony's E-mount lenses, and others with adaptors.

  • Minimize blur in every shot with the world’s first in-body 5-axis image stabilization in a full-frame camera. Best of all, it works with your favorite lenses. With 24.3MP resolution, super-fast autofocus and a compact design, you’ll capture breathtaking imagery and video that is more stable than ever.

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