Review Canon PowerShot G7X Digital Camera

An excellent camera. High Quality and Pocketable Camera.

This is a Canon PowerShot G7X Digital Camera . It's pretty obvious that when Canon was making this camera it had it's target set to Sony's RX100 series of cameras. I was divided between buying the RX100iii or the G7X, finally opting for the Canon. They are approximately the same size, feature an 1 inch sensor (significantly bigger than other compacts) and have similar feature sets. A well-priced alternative to the Sony RX100 III.

Reviews :

  • Contrary to a review I read on Dpreview, the autofocus on the G7X is very fast...faster (more responsive) than the one on the RX100. I suspect Dpreview may have gotten a defective sample. But this one is lightning fast outdoors, and indoors. Even in fairly low light, the autofocus never hunted. It always snapped into focus instantly.

  • Sony is slightly less thick and weighs a bit less. But both are definitely pocketable.

  • shot to shot using JPEG is also very fast. I reeled off a dozen continuous shots with no slow down at all. Switch to RAW and the camera slows down considerably. It spends about 1 second to save the RAW file before letting you get another shot off.

  • The Dial around the lens can be customized for the feature you want. But not all features can be assigned the dial around the lens. But it lets you assign ISO, MR, WB, Zoom, DR Correction, Shadow Correct, Aspect Ratio and Custom. I left it on the Default which changes the feature depending on the shooting mode.

  • The G7X has an automatic lens cover which retracts when you turn it on, and closes when you turn the camera off.

  • G7X has a nice touch screen. You can use it to point to the object you want to be in focus. It is very precise. You can also set it to take the picture when you touch the screen (again focusing on the point you touch). It is kind of fun, but I'm not used to taking pictures this way yet. Or, you can turn off the touch feature altogether.

  • At first glance Picture Quality appears fairly similar to the Sony RX100, which means it is excellent. (But see the update below of direct comparisons of same subject using JPEGs) At this level of picture quality there is little need to carry a DSLR. Thankfully, the G7X does not have the noise characteristic of the G1X Mark II (don't know what Canon was thinking of on that one).

Product Description : 

  • New 1.0-inch, 20.2 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor combined with Canon's powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor

  • f/1.8(W)-f/2.8(T), 4.2x optical Zoom (24mm-100mm), 9-blade iris diaphragm and IS equipped lens

  • Selfie-ready multi-angle capacitive 3.0" touch panel LCD

  • Capture stunning 1080p/60p Full HD video with up to 60 fps

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

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